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Science, Philosophy, and Jesus

It makes sense that the biblical God, who is both good and goodness as such, would necessarily want his human progeny to know him firsthand, and he would also want to draw closer to them by walking a mile in their shoes, providing for their eternal security and joy, and enjoying mutual love with them. So how does this good God make himself known to us—and how can we draw closer to him?

In Science, Philosophy, and Jesus, author and physician James Frederick Ivey draws on his extensive formal and continuing education, and a fifty-year medical practice heavy in counseling, to provide a work of Christian apologetics written in conjunction with unbounded imagination but regulated by logical reasoning. As the second volume in Dr. Ivey’s book series, The Inevitable Truth, this insightful apologetic explores the person of Christ, the incarnation of the true God who left his realm of ultimate reality to enter illusory space-time. Dr. Ivey shows that the message of Jesus, supported by science and Plato, can provide humanity with a new paradigm that will replace our selfishness with selfless love and giving.

We can know that God exists, that he is unique, and that he is indeed the biblical deity, and by seeking him and his Son further, we can draw closer to him in love and in faith, all the while becoming transformed into new persons in Christ.


Daily Doses of Jesus

Daily Doses of Jesus: A Year of Devotionals on the Lord’s Words is a book of 366 devotionals, one for each day of a leap year. It is designed for adults and older children. Except for three psalms, its scriptures consist of all of the words of Jesus and nothing else, from all four gospels in parallel. Dr. Ivey has drawn from several decades of studying relativity, quantum physics, Plato, and history, particularly that of the Jews, in order to compose his commentaries. He believes that they contain many novel (though not radical) ideas. The chief themes of this book are the support of science for the existence of God, the truth of the Bible, and the validity of the Christ. It also shows that almost all of the greatest thinkers of history have been theists and that the unique and heroic history of the Jews can only mean that their God is the truth.