How Can I Ever Thank Thee?


Jesus, Jesus, hear they member,

Keep me in the heart of grace.

Help me, Jesus, to remember,

Streaming tears upon Thy face.

Tears of love and tears of torment,

Tears of mercy bathe my soul.

Lord, how can I ever thank Thee?

Grateful service in Thy mold.


Father, I before Thee tremble,

Falling down before Thy throne.

Help me Jesus to resemble

To worship Him and Him alone.

Numinous art Thou and awesome,

Yet Thou lovest me immeasurably.

Let me be Thy fragrant blossom;

Let my heart Thy haven be.


Son of God, how much I love Thee,

Swooning, tuning all of me

To Thy glory, to Thy story,

To Thy Personality.

Let me wash Thy feet forever;

Let me cradle Thy Head today

In my hands, and in my mind,

Lord, in my heart, forever stay.

The Father Hath Sent Thee


The Father hath sent Thee, and

I shall ever believe Thee, and

I shall ever love Thee,

Your follower true.


With hope never failing,

My faith is prevailing,

Thou, Master, I am hailing,

I give me to You.


In confident livin’,

I know I’m forgiven.

I’m going to heaven

To live there with You.


I am so imperfect,

But Thine is the verdict,

My judge and defender

And Savior too.


I’ll never forsake Thee.

As my God I take Thee,

O Jesus, I make Thee

The One whom I serve.


I’ll ever be wakeful,

To see that I am faithful.

I am so very very grateful

My promise preserve.


I’ll never stop singing.

My heartbells are ringing.

I’ll ever be bringing

All I am to you.


In earthly dimensions,

You have my attention.

In timeless eternity,

I shall be true.


My God is all knowing.

My God is all doing,

My God is all goodness

And Truth evermore.


My God is my Father.

My God is my Brother.

My God is the Spirit

In me I adore.